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Riyen Roots

Q: Tell us about your music

"My music is for my people. I say it and play it how I feel it. I won't play it at all if I'm not feeling it. Take it or leave it, that's just how I do my thing. These blues are my life. It's not game of fame and fortune. This is about the struggle of a man's very soul put to music. So it is very serious" ~ Roots

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Q: What is Blues Power?

"Blues Power is a state of mind that one can develop during hard times in life that allows that person to build up so much tolerance towards the effects of going through hard times that they actually seem happy because nothing can break what is already broken..Take that and a sweet 12 bar in E and you've got Blues Power" ~ Roots

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Roots and Dore on WSPA Studio 62 Show

Check Out The Roots and Dore Interview/Performance on WSPA 7's Studio 62 Morning Show From 1/27/17!!

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